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“Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore September 15, 2009

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The title of this piece of writing says it all, are we living in a nation that is slowly becoming an “idiot nation”? Michael Moore gives us readers a little of his insight on this, what seems to be growing problem in America. Immediately Moore won me over with his idea of Americans today, the fact that sports and sports education of useless random knowledge has become so important to people these days. It seems as though knowledge that I have learned as a kid has not been projected out to other students and many people are suffering from this. Moore gains my trust when he talks about his credentials and gives a little excerpt from his books.

Moore’s argument is supported very strongly through the facts he tells his readers. He lists several different points to prove how our nation is slowly becoming less intelligent as a whole. One fact that I found extremely ironic and completely moronic was on page 141 when Moore states that, “Apparently ‘President’ Bush agrees: in his first budget cut he proposed cutting federal spending on libraries by 39 million” this turned out to be a 19% reduction. While all this was going on the librarian Laura Bush, had just started her national campaign for American libraries. Its these kind of decisions that make people think twice about how intelligent Americans these days really are.

Moore uses logos to appeal to the audience, he throughout his whole excerpt throws out facts, statistics, and studies. This cause the audience to become more interested and give Moore more credibility. He gives facts on page 133 about how America has about 44 million people who can’t read and about 200 million that can read but choose not to. It’s these scary facts that persuade you as a reader to somewhat agree, if not totally agree with Moore calling America an “idiot nation”. He also uses pathos by using figurative and very descriptive language to show the reader how our schools are not being taking care of and no one has an initiative to fix them.


2 Responses to ““Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore”

  1. Red Cedar Says:

    Actually, the title doesn’t “say it all.” The whole beginning of the essay is devoted to showing that we are, in fact, NOT a nation of idiots, and there is nothing whatsoever in the essay that says anything about Americans in general being dumb or becoming less intelligent. Maybe it would be good to actually read the essay.

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