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From Changing American Families by Judy Root Aulette September 15, 2009

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The essay that comes from the book Changing American Families is written by Judy Root Aulette, her background of studies is immediately given to the reader. This makes her a trustworthy source, because she is a teacher at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and works in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The reader is also told that the author has written a few books too. Knowing all this information about the author persuades the reader that this author is a very intelligent woman who knows a lot about what she is talking about.

Her evidence is supported with great detail; she lists several supporting facts under ever topic and subtopic she discusses. She begins talking about the upper class society and their issues, moves along to the middle class families, the working class, and even down to immigrant families. Each of these topics are greatly supported showing how class, races, and gender create different experiences for different families. All of her evidence given within each topic uses real examples and cites them, offering a more trustworthy source of information.

The writer uses more of a formal way of getting her information out to the reader. She, within her writings, has subtopics and uses clear and concise information in an orderly fashion. This writer has a much different writing style than the essay written by Michael Moore, his was friendlier approach that humored the reader and her writing kind of feels like a teacher lecturing her class about different topics. She doesn’t really write with emotion it’s more factual and pertaining to logos.  However, she does use some imagery to present to the reader her logical argument and backing it up with multiple supporting details.  She discusses all the problems that each class/family has to deal with in their daily lives.


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