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(CSL) Journal Pre-visit Journal Entry #1 September 16, 2009

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I have always been the kind of person who is always willing to help out another person. I have always been told that I’m very kind and compassionate, but that’s because that’s the way I have been raised. Sometimes I am even too nice and get walked all over. In regards to the issues of teen mothers, HIV positive people,  and the homeless, I care about their issues and would like to help as much as possible. These people made choices in their lives that affected them detrimentally. Some of their damage done to their life cannot be undone. Teen mothers has always been a big issue, I remember coming into high school and I was shocked at hearing that there were people in my grade that were pregnant. I always thought that girls becoming mothers at the ages of 16 was shocking, I found it disgusting. I remember one girl in my grade never even knew she was pregnant till she passed out and had to be medi-vacked  to the hospital. I realize how hard it is to be a teen mother and still go to school, the rumors and things that get spread around the school must really suck.

The issues of HIV and AIDS, to be honest really scares me, most of the time you think that it is just because people are having promiscuous unsafe sex and spreading it around. I have always thought it to be a dirty thing that people get because they have been bad and made bad decisions. I’m not really that educated on the subject of AIDS and HIVS. I have heard information from people in school to educate, but not really ever knew anyone dealing with that issue.

In regards to homeless people, I sympathize for them, but I am not one of those people who is scared of them, thinks of them as creepy, or nasty people. Not all people who look creepy are creepy people, my friend Lindsey gets severely creeped out by the homeless people here in Charlotte, she has a stuck-up attitude towards them, which I have been working on with her to make her see that homeless people are regular people too. I really hate it when people talk to homeless people like they are some kind of freaks that people should feel bad for, maybe some of them are bad people, but not all of them are. Archie, a homeless guy in Charlotte, is a very religious person, he comes into Jimmy Johns where I work whenever he can and we use to give him free food, he loved how we were kind to him and would even stop and talk to him on the street all the time.

I am planning on working in the uptown shelter, I am actually really excited to help out there because homelessness and their stories I find really intriguing. Growing up as a kid I have always lived on the poor side of things, never enough to be homeless, but I really understand the value of a dollar and appreciate everything I am ever given.  I really am excited about helping out with the homeless


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