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Reading Journal Entry (#4) The Manliness of Men by Harvey Mansfield September 26, 2009

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Manliness is classified as a trait of being manly; or having the characteristics of an adult male. But what are the characteristics of an adult male. This passage really made me question how guys act today in this day and age. I thought about how some are big tough macho guys and others are quiet small sensitive guys, however they are all still guys. So how can manliness be classified. Some describe it as being courageous and confident. Mansfield goes on to describe other ways a guy can show manliness, such as being heroic, or on the other side, being boastful, unfriendly, and prone to meaningless scuffles. But how can a man be acceptable in this day and age? Girls want a guy that’s strong willed, someone who can protect them, but they also want someone who is sensitive, but not too sensitive. Can a guy truly be manly but also be sensitive?

A good point brought up by Mansfield is that “traditionally, the performance of a man’s duties has required him to protect and support his family. To be a man is means to support dependents and not just merely yourself.” However women these days don’t want to be a dependent, but has anyone ever wondered what women becoming more independent does to a man’s manliness? Will women being more independent have a negative effect on a male and how he acts? This is a very thought provoking question, and I feel like it’s good for women to help make an income and support the family but men should be doing it to. I believe that it should be more equal in supporting the family. Women and men should work together to keep a family and their finances going and not just having the man do everything. I feel because of the way the economy is that women need to help out men and men should be happy and appreciate the help.


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