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Reader Response 3 “Abstinence-Only Sex Education:Is It Really The Best Choice?” by Susan Long October 4, 2009

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The author does show three different positions in their paper. Robert E. Rector believed that abstinence only sex education was the best education for teenagers. National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) believes that, “teaching students about birth control and protection provides students with essential information about their health and sexuality [and] abstinence-only sexuality education fails to provide adolescents with the information they need to protect their health and well-being” Del Stover, a senior editor of American School Board Journal was somewhere in the middle of these two. This was the more neutral perspective. I believe that the author did provide good evidence from each source; however I found this paper really boring and hard to read. I felt like there should have been more facts presented that would have some more shock value on the reader. However the author does introduce the topic well and gives three different viewpoints on this topic. This is exactly what he/she is supposed to do for this paper. I felt like this paper did adequately use other viewpoints however, I feel like there is no original thought it’s just like regurgitation of a bunch of facts said by other people. I honestly had a hard time reading this paper because I have such a strong bias against teaching abstinence only sex education. I feel as though it’s good to put that option out there but they should also know about how to handle situations if things get too hot and heavy and you don’t stop yourself from not having sex. I don’t feel like the author put enough info to support abstinence only sex education and I feel like the last view point, the neutral one, only really talked about funding for these programs. I thought it was going to talk about a more of having both abstinence and protective sex combined.


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