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Reading Journal #6 Horatio Alger by Harlon L. Dalton October 4, 2009

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Dalton brought up a lot of good points in his entry. A bunch of which I found very interesting and agreed with. He talked about how in our world we have this thing he likes to call the “best black syndrome” this is where people have the tendency to judge people solely on their color. For instance, Tiger woods being known as the “best black” golfer. We don’t really refer to him as the best golfer, we say he’s the best black one. Dalton gave another example about a kid named Steven Carter who earned the second highest score on his high school National Merit Scholarship qualifying test. He was recognized as “the best Black” around but not seen as one of the best students. Dalton also brought up more points about black people in specific. Saying how we tend to praise black people when they are a good speaker, but shouldn’t everyone be like that. It was also interesting to read how we don’t only just do this for black people. Two examples that Dalton said that really stood out to me are when he said that people are surprised every time they see a good white man who can play basketball above the rim. Another example is that Puerto Ricans are also surprised to discover that some “Americans” can salsa really well. All of this makes you think that individuals are judged on their own personal merit. I think not only does this go along with different ethnicities but also between men and women. I know that when I go into a kitchen, guys will say “ohh your going to be working in here?” In the tone of “I cant believe you think you can work in here.” They are eventually truly surprised at how well I can keep up and help run things in the kitchen. This excerpt really got me thinking about how people are easily judged all around the world, based on where they are from, and what they look like.


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