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CSL Journal 3 October 7, 2009

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Going to volunteer at the homeless shelter has been a lot of fun. I am meeting a lot of new people and already making some good friends. Walking there seems to be the only problems I encounter but it is worth it because I am having a lot of fun. All of the men there are very respectful and really appreciate what I am doing for them. The first day I went to volunteer a bunch of the men talked to me and thanked me for the food and were very kind. I was able to crack some jokes with them and it was a lot of fun. Going there I am like the only white girl which is pretty interesting. I have no problems with this though because I easily get along. They play different music than I’m use to while we are working in the kitchen and they are always asking me if I know any of the songs. I find it kind of interesting being the minority, I am not afraid mainly because I’m use to always hanging out with guys.


I am really excited to keep going and volunteering. People there are already beginning to remember my name and I feel really good going and helping out. I may try to keep going after my hours are up because I am really enjoying this experience. Glenn is a Johnson & Wales student I met there who is doing the shelter as his work study and hanging out with him has been a lot of fun. We are both becoming good friends and I don’t have to worry about leaving the shelter and walking back by myself because he walks with me. He is a really tall black guy and walking with him around this area makes me feel safer. One thing that really surprised me was that one of the homeless men helping out in the kitchen asked me what my 5 mother sauces were, and I was surprised to learn that he knows a lot about culinary.


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