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Reader Response #4 “should we establish a single payer system in America?” October 13, 2009

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The author clearly presents all three sides of the healthcare issue. He has three different sources each separately supporting one side of the healthcare issue. All of which have supporting details that display the reasoning for choosing the side that they support. The author has Merrill Matthews Jr. who believes that the healthcare system may not improve if we copy how Canada runs things. Then there is Kip Sullivan’s point of view, he believes that “the single payer system is the best. He wants to reform health care so that all the insurance companies will be replaced by government and it should be able to adjust the prices charged by providers and drug companies”. Lastly we hear about Jonathan Oberlander who takes the neutral standpoint on this argument, he believes that insurers mess with physicians’ work and don’t allow the doctors do their jobs. He also believes that single-payer healthcare system cannot be established because of political oppositions. The author does outline and answer all the questions that he was suppose to address in his paper. He even states when he believes that a source has given sufficient information to support their side of the argument. Saying that they pertained to ethos, pathos, and logos.
This paper gave me a little more of a perspective on healthcare. I know in these days hearing about healthcare really brings up a lot of debate, and I think that the author did a good job not showing his point of view in the paper. He did a good job stating all the different sides without a bias lean. I know that I am tired of hearing about healthcare because it is in the news so much. In reading this paper I have gained some details about our health care issues and have a better idea of what side I am for.


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