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reading journal entry (#7) From Seven Floors up by Sharon Olds October 13, 2009

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This excerpt makes me think about homeless people. A lot of the lines seem to be pertaining to a homeless person, like the lines that talk about pushing a shopping cart up a ramp in a park. That visual places the image of a homeless person in my head. The poem also goes on to talk about having no sink, no water, and no heat, which definitely provides a homeless atmosphere. It seems as though in the speaker of the poem realizes that he or she has become homeless when they see their reflection. It seems as though homelessness is something that can occur to anyone and it just hits them one day.

Since I have been helping out at the homeless shelter I have realized that anyone can become homeless at any time. I have heard stories of very successful people having one incident in their lives change them completely. One story in particular was about a web page designer who’s family was killed and it hurt him so much that he turned to drugs. The drugs took over his life and consumed everything and he was left with no money and couldn’t afford to live in his home.
I have begun to look at homelessness in a new light. I use to think that it was only the older men who never went to college and never really had a life. There’s a lot more to it than that, a lot of the homeless men today served in war for our country and can no longer take care of themselves. Some people are even young and just need a way to be helped back on their feet. I believe that the homeless can be helped it just takes some motivation to get them on the right track with their lives.


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