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CSL Journal # 4 October 14, 2009

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Visiting the homeless shelter for the 4th time has become something that I really enjoy. I am beginning to make more bonds with the people there and I am genuinely becoming friends with a lot of the people that are there. My last visit I got to help make more food and serve it on the line. Even though the quality of the product of food we are using is really low, they are still good meals and I make it a point to eat the same meal that we are serving as my lunch. It lets me be in their shoes for a little bit. Working on the line, I snuck some people more than one piece of meat when they were allowed to come back for seconds. I wasn’t sure if that was ok to do but we had a lot of food and enough for more people to come and eat some. I was really excited that the local Harris Teeter donated a bunch of desserts to the shelter; there was cheesecake, red velvet cake, cookies, and a bunch of other stuff. Only thing that I noticed that I found was a little disturbing was that the expiration dates were from awhile back. I did eat the cheesecake and it tasted fine to me but that was probably why the desserts were donated, because they were old and they were just going to throw them out. Even if the desserts were going bad, having dessert for lunch made a lot of the homeless men happy. Even I was excited to be serving desserts.
Overall this opportunity has been a lot of fun. I am getting down to my final hours and I am really contemplating if I should just keep coming till I get into labs. I won’t be able to help once I’m in labs because I will be in class at the time I go into volunteer.


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