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Reader Response 5 “Abstinece-Only Sex Education is Ineffective” October 17, 2009

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The author of this paper wrote about Sex Education in schools. From reading this article I am definitely convinced that abstinence only sex education is not the best education for children and teenagers. I already strongly agreed with this topic before I read it however the author did a good job backing up their thoughts with good supporting evidence. I belief that the sources that the author used provided a credible background so the facts definitely seem possible. The sources that the author uses really builds on their ethos and makes the reader not question any of the facts and statistics. The author believes that abstinence only sex education is not the best education; this is clearly stated in his/her paper. I believe that the author backs up his or her claim with good solid facts, information and sources. Her sources are believable one reason because they use a source from the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL). I wouldn’t question any information that that organization has. The author does say that abstinence should be taught in school; however other information needs to be provided from the parents. Nothing really in this paper seemed convincing, maybe because I have a slight bias in agreeing on this topic. Overall I believe that the author stated his or her claim, and supported it with good evidence. This article pertained to ethos, pathos, and logos when it tied in the supporting details. I definitely support this author’s claim; it is true that young teens shouldn’t have to learn about sex from reality shows and dramas. A lot of parents are uncomfortable with this topic so schools should be teaching this, especially if they already teach some sex education. Why not make the kids fully informed? Wouldn’t this make for a lot less accidents from children and teens when it comes to having sex?


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