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reading journal entry (#8) Aunt Ida Pieces a Quilt by Melvin Dixion October 17, 2009

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This article brought me back to elementary school when we use to talk about quilt making to keep memories. Reading the background information for this article, it kind of made me sad because this poem was about a man who got aids and died in the hospital. The poem starts off saying, “They brought me some of his clothes. The hospital gown,” immediately I knew that the man who these clothes belonged to had just died. I have never had to deal with a close relative dying, but I have had friends and I know how these people must feel. Ida the speaker is an avid quilt maker so she decides to take all of what reminds her of him, like his clothes and other items, and make them into a quilt for Junie, who is the man that died. She discusses her old memories of Junie and how he was pretty crazy but religiously went to church every Sunday and would sing his heart out in front of everyone there. Everyone really loved and cared about him. I thought it was great that Ida decided to make a quilt for him with all the memories for him. People talked about putting it up in the church as a memorial type thing but Ida strongly believed that quilts needed to be used not just hung up somewhere.
I don’t know anyone who makes a lot of quilts or sews, but I really like making scrap books, and collages for different things. I really like keeping memories so that you can look back on them later on in life. This story/poem has actually inspired me to make something out of old clothes or scrap pieces of things so that I can remember things too. Instead of a quilt I may try making a purse or something really useful.


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