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CSL #5 October 25, 2009

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I am really enjoying working at the homeless shelter in uptown. Everyone is super friendly and they all know my name. Slowly but surely they are trusting me more and allowing me to do more and more important jobs. Last time I got to be in charge of frying up all the fish for the main dishes for lunch. I really enjoy working on the line and serving all the homeless men. I feel extremely appreciated every time I go to the homeless shelter because they all say thanks you and tell me how much they love that I cook for them. Last time I went into the shelter my friend Glenn who walks home with me had to leave early, everyone at the shelter kept asking me if I would be okay to walk home by myself and some other guys gave me a free bus pass so that I could ride the bus home and be safe. I also had a bunch of homeless men ask me if they could walk me back but I said I would be alright. I really like working at the homeless shelter and I think I’m going to continue to do it for as long as possible. It sucks though because as soon as I get into labs I won’t be able to volunteer there in the kitchen. The executive chef that works in the kitchen realized that this next time is going to be my last time coming in and volunteering. He keeps joking around saying that I actually have 10 more visits left because he wants me to keep coming in. Everyone at the shelter tries to be my friend and they always high five me and do cool hand shakes. This experience has been one that I have thoroughly enjoyed thus far.


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