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CSL 6 October 28, 2009

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Today was the last day of my volunteering at the Uptown Mens Homeless Shelter. I definitely am going to continue volunteering there as much as possible because i really enjoy it. It seems like the shelter has been getting more and more help from other organizations donating food to them. The have been getting a lot of desserts and sweets from Harris Teeter, food that is actually good too. The first day it seemed like they didn’t get that much food and we had to do small portions. Today i was able to give people heaping portions and even more when they got to come up for seconds. I was thanked about a thousand times by the homeless men about the food and how much they enjoyed it. Even as i was leaving they were all so thankful for having me come in and serve them.

This volunteer opportunity has been a blast and i really love it. I haven’t had a very good experience at the other volunteer site that i have been going to. The other place is called Friendship Trays and i cook food for elderly people. This organization donates food on occasion to the shelter and i had to let the executive chef know about some of the unsafe practices going on at Friendship Trays. I loved how concerned he was about the health and safety of the homeless men. The fact that he cared about giving them the best meal he could possibly give them for free and making sure that the food will not get anyone there sick means that he really cares about what he is doing at the shelter. I am planning on emailing the lady in charge of the volunteer services at the shelter and seeing if i can keep volunteering as long as possible at the shelter, i have become attached and really like seeing the familiar faces of the people there. I also love feeling like i did a good service for them.


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