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CSL 7 November 3, 2009

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So I have finished volunteering at the homeless shelter. I have thoroughly enjoyed working there and hanging out with all the people that go there and work in the kitchen with me. I was supposed to be going in today and helping out even though my hours were done but because of a car accident I’m not going to be able to work or do anything for a little while. I really want to continue volunteering at the shelter; I won’t be able to when i start back up with labs because I’ll be in class or working when I am able to go help out.

All the people there really appreciate my help and I feel bad having to leave them because I know they really like seeing me come in every Tuesday. They always ask me when the next time I am coming in and always give me free bus ride passes so I can make it home safe when my friend Glenn has to leave early.

The homeless shelter has really been a great experience for me, I really like going here. My other volunteer opportunity was nowhere near as fun as this one. At the other place i volunteer i really don’t feel appreciated for my help. They do thank me for coming everyday but it just doesn’t really seem very genuine. Mainly because everyone at the uptown shelter smiles, waves, thanks me like 1000 times for what I do. I feel like a celebrity every time I go there which really makes me feel appreciated like what I am doing really matters.

I am really glad that my English teacher required us to do volunteering. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get all my time in and I would fail my class. Then I realized that this has actually been a lot of fun and that I want to continue volunteering at the homeless shelter.


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