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About Me : ) September 10, 2009

Hey so my name’s Candice : >

I’m a really happy go lucky kind of person. I try to have as much fun as possible. I love to laugh and i am very optimistic… i somehow always have a silver linning on everything : ) I have a boyfriend back home who i love and really care about. We have been dating for 2 years and long distance relationships are hard and put a stress on my life but i was able to do it last year so i hope we can keep making it work.

I love music!! Pretty much everything since last year i have fallen in love with Theory of a Deadman, got to see them in concert over the summer at Crue Fest, that was a ton of fun.

I’m super active.. i love sports, played soccer since i was in kindergarden hahha I also love basketball and most people would be suprised how much i know bout football… im a tomboy at heart

Ohhh hahaha i totally forgot to mention that i love cooking.. lol Been helping my dad cook since i was little.. i have always been obsessed with flavor, seasonings, spices.. u name it.. i love to make food taste not just good but amazing


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