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Annotated Table of Contents September 10, 2009

Older Piece of Writing

I chose to include a paper that I wrote last year in my English class called A peak at the city because this was a paper I enjoyed writing. It was basically a free write and I believe that I do better in writing when I don’t worry about all the guidelines and standards that I need to include in papers. This paper seems to be a good piece of writing to me, but I believe with the information I have learned this year about writing, I could definitely improve this piece of writing.


Additional Writings

I chose Reading Journal #5 Talking About Racism: How Our Dialogue Gets Short-Circuited By Paul L. Wachtel from my reading journal because this was actually a very interesting essay that really captivated me as a reader. I used my response to it to show how I am slowly growing to learn how to work on and identify what needs to be worked on in my writing.


I chose Reading Journal Entry (#3) From Fly-Girls To Bitches And Hoes By Joan Morgan from my reading journal because this was also a very interesting essay that really got my attention and made me want to read more. I used my response in my portfolio because I had a bunch of opinions that I wanted to express about this topic and I believe that I used quotes and evidence from Morgan’s writing very well in my entry.


I chose Reader Response “Food For Thought” from my reading responses because this is one of my first pieces of writing. Looking back at this entry I read over it and see that I summarize way too much. This article needed to be included because I am now able to recognize my writing issues which is the first step to improving one’s own writing.



I chose to include my personal narrative not only because my teacher said so but also because this was the first time I realized how much I summarize in my writing. This is the piece of writing that made me realize that I need to not “tell” my reader I need to “show” them. Showing your reader leads to a more effective piece of writing.


Exploratory Paper

I chose to include my exploratory paper also because my teacher states in our rubric that we must include it in our portfolio. I believe that this writing is not my best, but I do see steps to becoming a better writer starting to show in my writing. I am learning how to incorporate author tags, ethos, pathos, and logos.


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