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Intro to Additional Writings September 10, 2009

Reading Journal #5 Talking About Racism: How Our Dialogue Gets Short-Circuited By Paul L. Wachtel

In this post I showed some strengths in my writing. I showed my ability to pick out points from an excerpt and put in quotes that are relevant and prove what I am trying to say. I believe that I prove my side of the argument in my entry. I list a lot of real life situations that happen to me and what my view point is on the issue of racism in America. My weakness in this excerpt is that I didn’t have an opening introduction or a conclusion to my writing. If I thought this was supposed to be more formal I believe that I would have included more of an introduction on the piece of writing that I read and a better conclusion. In doing all of these blogs I have defiantly grown as a writer. I have a better ability to read entries or articles and discuss them and refer back to them to prove my points.

Reading Journal Entry (#3) From Fly-Girls To Bitches And Hoes By Joan Morgan

In this entry I believe that I did a good job using the text that I read and inserting facts into my own writing. Knowing how to do this helps a lot with research papers. My weakness just like with my other entries was that I have no introduction or conclusions. I kind of just jump into information about the article and never introduce the article or author. Looking back on this article makes me realize that over time I am beginning to recognize how to make my own papers better. I have learned how to include ethos, pathos, and logos to prove a point in writing.

Reader Response “Food For Thought”

In this article I do somewhat introduce the background information for what I am about to discuss. A strength in this writing is the examples that I pulled from the original piece and placed into my writing. I believe that using these entries really pertains to pathos. A weakness in this writing is that I summarize the article way too much and there is not enough of my own thought in this article. I know that I tend to summarize and one of my main issues is that I “tell” too much and don’t “show” the readers what I am trying to prove. I do a lot of summarizing. I never really consider writing a strong point of mine. However, I am working on improving it slowly overtime.


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