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Intro to Exploratory Paper September 10, 2009

The purpose of my exploratory paper was to research different parenting styles and how they affect their children. My paper was intended for a scholarly audience. Throughout this paper I asked myself how my parents raised me and also how other people I knew were raised. I learned a lot from all my research. Some information was irrelevant to my paper but was very interesting. I believe that I had a very good thesis for my paper and that the idea of my paper was very strong. However even with all my claims and sub claims I believe that my paper could have been way stronger and backed up with a lot more information. I still have some questions about this topic. I’m really curious why some parents choose to be so strict and other parents are more relaxed. I know this has to do with one’s own upbringing but I’m also wondering if their career choice correlates with how they chose to raise children. I do believe that career does correlate with style of upbringing.


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