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Intro to Narrative September 10, 2009

The purpose of my narrative paper was to basically get a particular event in my life out on paper. My paper was intended for students and friends. It was a somewhat formal piece of writing but I wouldn’t necessarily share it with academic scholars. Throughout this paper I asked myself how I could let an event such as abuse happen to me. Recollecting my memories lead to some painful moments. I did cry at one point when I forced myself to get everything down on paper. I learned more about myself from writing this paper. I learned that I have truly changed for the better, I no longer let people walk all over me and I have a lot more confidence in myself. I believe that one of my strengths was creating scenes for my audience. My weakness however was that I summarized a lot. I needed to show more and not tell. That seems to be my problem. The only other questions I have for myself is why I let this happen to me. I wonder why I was so stupid and allowed for someone to treat me so badly.


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