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Intro to Older Piece of Writing September 10, 2009

This piece of writing is one that I did for my English class last year. My teacher told our class to go outside and find something that inspired us and write about it. It was a reflection based on something we read in class. The purpose of this piece was to write about something that you saw. What I saw when I went outside was the city. I didn’t see the inner workings, the hustling people, or the loud cars, buses, and trolleys. I saw the pretty view from the outside, just a little peak at the city. My intended audience was people who live in this area, I wanted them all to stop and just take a look at what was going on around them. As I was writing I asked myself if I take the time out of my busy day to just stop and look around at everything that is going on around me, or am I just flying through life. As a result of this writing I learned that I need to stop rushing around and really sit back and enjoy life and everything around me.

Some strengths of this writing are that there is imagery with how I described the setting. However one of my weaknesses is that I don’t really “show” the reader what’s going on, I tend to “tell” them. That is one of the major things that I am trying to work on with my writing. That is something that Professor Harmon has been trying to pound into our heads. It really does make your writing better. I just need to work on this aspect of writing.


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